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Beegum, S. Naseema and Moorthy, K. Krishna and Nair, Vijayakumar S. and Babu, S. Suresh and Satheesh, S. K. and Vinoj, V. and Reddy, R. Ramakrishna and Gopal, K. Rama and Badarinath, K. V. S. and Niranjan, K. and Pandey, Santosh Kumar and Behera, M. and Jeyaram, A. and Bhuyan, P. K. and Gogoi, M. M. and Singh, Sacchidanand and Pant, P. and Dumka, U. C. and Kant, Yogesh and Kuniyal, J. C. and Singh, Darshan (2008) Characteristics of spectral aerosol optical depths over India during ICARB. Journal of Earth System Science , 117 (1). pp. 303-313. ISSN 0973-774X

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