V. , Carcelen and J. , Rodrıguez-Fernandez and N. , Vijayan and P. , Hidalgo and J. , Piqueras and N. V. , Sochinskii and J. M. , Perez and E. , Dieguez (2009) Development of CdZnTe doped with Bi for gamma radiation detection. CrystEngComm, 12 (2). 507-510 . ISSN 1466-8033

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Bulk CZT crystals doped with Bi (1 x 10(19) at/cm(3)) have been grown by the Oscillatory Bridgman method, the growth velocity and the zinc concentration profile being improved by the insertion of a Pt tube acting as a cold finger. The stoichiometric uniformity was examined by energy dispersive X-ray analysis, and the zinc concentration was confirmed by inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopy and cathodoluminescence measurements. The resistivity value was in the range of 8 x 10(8) Omega cm , being smaller for the passivated sample, which at the same time had counter device properties.

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