Gahtori, Bhasker and Lal, R. and Agarwal, S. K. (2008) Superconducting transition temperature of co-doped Y0.95Pr0.05Ba2(Cu1-xMnx)3O7-δ superconductors for x 0.02. Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics, 46. pp. 575-579. ISSN 0975-1041

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Values of the superconducting transition temperature Tc extracted from the resistivity and ac susceptibility of Y0.95Pr0.05Ba2(Cu1-xMnx)3O7-δ (x ≤ 0.02) are found to follow the same qualitative variation with the Mn content. Both lead, in particular, to lower Tc for the x=0.005 sample than those of the x=0.0, 0.0075 and 0.01 samples. Comparing Tc with difference of resistivities with and without Pr for various x, it has been argued that electronic effects dominate over the potential scattering in suppressing Tc below x=0.02. Superconducting volume fraction fg (as deduced through imaginary part χ″ of the ac susceptibility at the peak temperature) when considered in conjunction with the average grain size for the x=0.005 sample, indicates that the smaller size of the grains in x=0.005 sample leads to stronger fluctuations. This is an additional source for the larger Tc degradation in the x=0.005 sample.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Superconductors; Y0.95Pr0.05Ba2(Cu1-xMnx)3O7-δ
Subjects: Applied Physics/Condensed Matter
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Date Deposited: 06 Jan 2014 10:05
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