Das, S. S. and Singh, N. P. and Srivastava, Vibha and Srivastava, P. K. (2008) An investigation of ion transport properties in silver phosphate glassy systems doped with Fe, Mn and Zn chlorides. Indian Journal of Engineering and Materials Sciences, 15 (3). pp. 256-264. ISSN 0971-4588

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The ion transport properties of silver phosphate glasses doped with different weight percent of chlorides of iron, manganese and zinc have been studied .The synthesized glasses have been characterized by X-ray, FTIR, differential scanning calorimetry, transference number measurements and electrical conductivity studies. Their amorphous nature, structure, glass transition temperature, transference number and ionic conductivity have been investigated. The variation of room temperature conductivity with dopant composition has been found to be controlled by the variation in the amount of dopant ions (Fe³⁺, Mn²⁺ and Zn²⁺) present in the glass samples and the trend is σ ( – ZnCl₂) > σ ( – MnCl₂) > σ (– FeCl₃) The Ag₂O–P₂O₅–(10%) ZnCl₂ glass system yielded maximum while the system Ag₂O–P₂O₅–(10%) FeCl₃ exhibited the lowest conductivity values respectively .The temperature variation of conductivity has been found to follow an Arrhenius relation. The results of ion transport studies are in accordance with the variation of glass transition temperature and changes in the structure of Ag₂O–P₂O₅ glass by the addition of Fe, Mn and Zn ions as studied by infrared spectroscopy.

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