Nagabhushana, K. R. and Lakshminarasappa, B. N. and Revannasiddaiah, D. and Haranath, D. and Singh, Fouran (2009) Swift heavy ion induced thermoluminescence studies in polycrystalline aluminum oxide. Indian Journal of Engineering and Materials Sciences , 16 (3). pp. 161-164. ISSN 0975-1017

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When energetic swift heavy ions interact with matter, inelastic collision (leading to electronic energy loss-Se) and elastic collision (leading to nuclear energy loss -Sn) take place. In the present study, the effect of energetic ion species on thermoluminescence (TL) of polycrystalline aluminum oxide (PAO) is reported. PAO pellets of 6 mm diameter are irradiated with energetic Au9+, Ni7+ and Si7+ ions for the fluence of 1×1013 ions cm-2. A single well resolved prominent TL glow with peak at 538 K is observed in Si7+ irradiated samples. However, in Ni7+ and Au9+ irradiated samples a prominent TL glow with peak at 610 K along with a shoulder at 513 K is observed. On the other hand, when PAO samples are irradiated with g-rays two well separated TL glows with peaks at 483 K and 638 K are observed. A prominent PL emission with peak at 430 nm besides a weak emission with peak at 480 nm and a shoulder at 525 nm are observed in 120 MeV Au9+ion irradiated samples when excited with 320 nm. These PL peaks are attributed to F, F2+ and F22+-centers respectively. However, in Si7+ irradiated samples a single PL emission peak at 430 nm is observed and it is attributed to F-centers.

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