Pal, Dharmendra and Pal, R. K. and Pandey, J. L. and Abdi, S. H. and Agnihotri, A. K. (2009) Bulk ac conductivity studies of lithium substituted layered sodium trititanates (Na2Ti3O7). Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 21 (11). pp. 1181-1185. ISSN 1573-482X

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Lithium mixed sodium tntltanates with 0.3, 0.5 and 1.0 M percentage of LizC03 (general formula Naz-xLixTi30 7) have prepared by a high temperature solid-state reaction route. EPR analysis, high temperature range (473-773 K) and variable frequency range (100 Hz-1 MHz) ac conductivity measurements were carried out on prepared sample. The lithium ions are accommodated with the sodium ions in the interlayer space. The EPR specta of lithium mixed sodium Trititanates confirm the partial reduction of Ti4+ ions to Ti3+. Four distinct regions have identified in the LnaT versus 1,0001T plots. Various conduction mechanisms which dependence on concentration,frequency and temperature are reported in this paper for lithium mixed layered sodium Trititanates. The dilation of interlayer space has further been proposed to occur due to inclusion of lithium ions in the interlayer space. The conductivity increases as the concentration of lithium increases.The increase of ionic conductivity in these compounds is due to accommodation of lithium ions with sodium ions in interlayer space.

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