Awana, V. P. S. and Nowik, I. and Pal, Anand and Yamaura, K. and Takayama-Muromachi, E. and Felner, I. (2010) Magnetic phase transitions in SmCoAsO. Physical Review B, 81 (21). 212501-1-212501-4. ISSN 1550-235X

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Magnetization, x-ray diffraction, and specific-heat measurements reveal that SmCoAsO undergoes three magnetic phase transitions. A ferromagnetic transition attributed to the Co ions, emerges at TC=57 K with a small saturation moment of ∼0.15 μB/Co. Reorientation of the Co moment to an antiferromagnetic state is obtained at TN2=45 K. The relative high paramagnetic effective moment Peff=1.57 μB/Co indicates an itinerant ferromagnetic state of the Co sublattice. The third magnetic transition at TN1=5 K is observed clearly in the specific-heat study only. Both magnetic and 57Fe Mossbauer studies show that substitution of small quantities of Fe for Co was unsuccessful.

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