Vellingiri, Kowsalya and Szulejko, Jan E. and Kumar, Pawan and Kwon, Eilhann E. and Kim, Ki-Hyun and Deep, Akash and Boukhvalov, Danil W. and Brown, Richard J. C. (2016) Metal organic frameworks as sorption media for volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds at ambient conditions. Scientific Reports, 6 (27813). pp. 1-11. ISSN 2045-2322

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In this research, we investigated the sorptive behavior of a mixture of 14 volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds (four aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene, toluene, p-xylene, and styrene), six C-2-C-5 volatile fatty acids (VFAs), two phenols, and two indoles) against three metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), i.e., MOF-5, Eu-MOF, and MOF-199 at 5 to 10 mPa VOC partial pressures (25 degrees C). The selected MOFs exhibited the strongest affinity for semi-volatile (polar) VOC molecules (skatole), whereas the weakest affinity toward was volatile (non-polar) VOC molecules (i.e., benzene). Our experimental results were also supported through simulation analysis in which polar molecules were bound most strongly to MOF-199, reflecting the presence of strong interactions of Cu2+ with polar VOCs. In addition, the performance of selected MOFs was compared to three well-known commercial sorbents (Tenax TA, Carbopack X, and Carboxen 1000) under the same conditions. The estimated equilibrium adsorption capacity (mg.g(-1)) for the all target VOCs was in the order of; MOF-199 (71.7) > Carboxen-1000 (68.4) > Eu-MOF (27.9) > Carbopack X (24.3) > MOF-5 (12.7) > Tenax TA (10.6). Hopefully, outcome of this study are expected to open a new corridor to expand the practical application of MOFs for the treatment diverse VOC mixtures.

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Subjects: General Science
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