Pandey, Vibhav and Verma, Vivek and Bhalla, G. L. and Kotnala, R. K. (2010) Increased low field magnetoresistance in electron doped system Sr0.4Ba1.6−xLaxFeMoO6. Journal of Applied Physics, 108 (5). 053912-1 -053912-5 . ISSN 1089-7550

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Magnetotransport properties of electron doped polycrystalline system Sr0.4Ba1.6−xLaxFeMoO6 are presented in this paper. We have observed increased low field magnetoresistance values with significant Curie temperature increase in the electron doped system Sr0.4Ba1.6−xLaxFeMoO6. The low field magnetoresistance value (at 1000 Oe) in 20% La3+ doped sample is observed to be 2.17% at 300 K. At 0.64 T and 80 K, the magnetoresistance change measured in this sample is 21.4%. This sample also showed 50 K increase in Curie temperature over the pristine sample. The increased low field magnetoresistance values are associated with modified grain boundary barriers of the system. The results confirm the fact that the modification of grain boundary barriers has enough potential to possess high low field magnetoresistance values even in the systems with lower spin polarization values. The role of grain to grain connectivity is observed to be dominantly determining the low field magnetoresistance values in grain to grain tunnel type magnetoresistance.

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Subjects: Physics
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