Ramar, M. and Suman, C. K. and Tyagi, Priyanka and Srivastava, R. (2015) Optical And Electrical Properties Of TiOPc Doped Alq(3) Thin Films. AIP Conference Proceedings, 1665 . AIP Publishing.

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The Titanyl phthalocyanine (TiOPc) was doped in Tris (8-hydroxyquinolinato) aluminum (Alq(3)) with different concentration. The thin film of optimized doping concentration was studied extensively for optical and electrical properties. The optical properties, studied using ellipsometry, absorption and photoluminescence. The absorption peak of Alq(3) and TiOPc was observed at 387 nm and 707 nm and the photo-luminescence intensity (PL) peak of doped thin film was observed at 517 nm. The DC and AC electrical properties of the thin film were studied by current density-voltage (J-V) characteristics and impedance over a frequency range of 100 Hz -1 MHz. The electron mobility calculated from trap-free space-charge limited region (SCLC) is 0.17x10(-5) cm(2)/Vs. The Cole-Cole plots shows that the TiOPc doped Alq3 thin film can be represented by a single parallel resistance R-P and capacitance C-P network with a series resistance R-S (10 Omega). The value of R-P and C-P at zero bias was 1587 Omega and 2.568 nF respectively. The resistance R-P decreases with applied bias whereas the capacitance C-P remains almost constant.

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