Shukla, Kaushal K. and Shahi, P. and S., Gopal and Kumar, A. and Ghosh, A. K. and Singh, Ripandeep and Sharma, Neetika and Das, A. and Sinha, A. K. and Joshi, Amish G. and Nigam, A. K. and Chatterjee, Sandip (2015) Magnetic and optical properties of Fe doped crednerite CuMnO2. RSC Advances, 5 (101). pp. 83504-83511. ISSN 2046-2069

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A geometrically frustrated magnetic CuMnO2 system has been investigated because of its rich magnetic properties. Neutron diffraction, synchrotron X-ray, magnetic, X-ray photoemission spectroscopy (XPS) and UV-Visible spectroscopy measurements have been carried out on CuMnO2 and 5% Fe doped CuMnO2 samples. Fe doping reduces the distortion. Moreover, Fe doping induces the ferromagnetic coupling between ab planes. The value of magnetization is increased with Fe doping but coercivity is decreased. These might be due to the direct Mn-Mn exchange and Mn-O-Cu-O-Mn super-super exchange interactions. The UV-Vis data indicate the appearance of new energy bands in these compounds. The XPS study indicates that Fe is in the 3+ state.

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