Thakre, Atul and Borkar, Hitesh and Singh, B. P. and Kumar, Ashok (2015) Electroforming free high resistance resistive switching of graphene oxide modified polar-PVDF. RSC Advances, 5 (71). 57406-57413. ISSN 2046-2069

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Future nanoelectronics for nonvolatile memory elements require novel materials and devices that can switch logic states with a low power consumption, minimum heat dissipation, high-circuit density, fast switching speed, large endurance and long charge retention period. Herein, we report novel high resistance resistive switching in a polar beta-polyvinylidene fluoride (beta-PVDF) and graphene oxide (GO) composite. A high resistance switching ratio was achieved without the realization of the essential current-filament forming condition mainly responsible for switching the device from high to low resistance states. beta-PVDF is a well known ferroelectric/piezoelectric material which changes shape and size after application of an external electric field. We propose a model which describes how the present beta-PVDF-GO composite changes shape after application of an external electric field (E) which provides a favorable environment for the formation of the current linkage path of GO in the PVDF matrix. The applied positive SET electric fields (+E) switch the composite from a high to a low resistance state, which further re-switches from a low to a high resistance state under negative RE-SET electric fields (-E). The positive and negative E-fields are responsible for the contraction and expansion of beta-PVDF, respectively, redox reactions between GO and adsorbed water, oxygen migrations, and/or metal diffusion from the electrode to the beta-PVDF-GO matrix. The above mentioned characteristics of the composite allows switching from one high resistance state to another high resistance state. The switching current lies below the range of 10-100 mu A with an exceptionally high switching ratio, which meets one of the prerequisite criteria of low power nanoelectronics memristors.

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Subjects: Chemistry
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Date Deposited: 22 Sep 2016 06:22
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