Mehta, Aarti and Sharma, Shailesh N. and Sharma, Kanchan and Vashishtha, Parth and Chand, S. (2014) Single-Pot Rapid Synthesis of Colloidal Core/Core-Shell Quantum Dots: A Novel Polymer-Nanocrystal Hybrid Material. In: 17th International Workshop on the Physics of Semiconductor Devices (IWPSD) , DEC 10-14, 2013, Noida, INDIA.

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Colloidal core and core shell Quantum Dots (QD's) are unique and important optoelectronic materials because properties of these QD's can be tailored by configuring core and optimizing shell thickness. In this research work, lead selenide (PbSe) core and PbSe-CdSe (Core-shell) QD's are synthesized using oleic acid as a capping ligand by colloidal route. This simpler, cost-effective and rapid single pot synthesis route for colloidal core-shell quantum dots unlike conventional double-pot approach like cation-exchange and SILAR process has been reported for the very first time. Phase formation of prepared quantum dots is confirmed by XRD analysis, capping ligand presence by IR spectroscopy and morphological information by Scanning electron microscopy respectively. These synthesized inorganic quantum dots are dispersed in Poly (3-hexyl thiophene) polymer for formation of their respective nanocomposites. From PL quenching studies, it was inferred that PbSe-CdSe core-shell quantum dots showed enhanced rate of PL quenching and hence higher value of Stern-Volmer constant (K-SV) than PbSe Core QD's. This confirms that CdSe shell formation on PbSe core significantly passivates the core-surface, increases the stability and enhances the charge transfer mechanism for its potential application in Hybrid Solar cells.

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