Kumar, Vineet and Rani, Poonam and Singh, Dinesh and Chawla, Santa (2014) Efficient multiphoton upconversion and synthesis route dependent emission tunability in GdPO4:Ho3+, Yb3+ nanocrystals. RSC Advances, 4 (68). pp. 36101-36105. ISSN 2046-2069

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Double rare earth ion doped GdPO4 nanocrystals with multiform morphologies, such as nanoparticles, nanospheres, and nanorods have been synthesized via four different routes namely a facile solid-state reaction (SSR) method, low temperature co-precipitation (CPP), pechini type sol-gel (SG) and an auto combustion process (ACP). All the methods produce crystalline nanoparticles with dimensions ranging from a few nm to tens of nm but with different morphologies. We systematically investigated the photoluminescence properties of GdPO4:Ho3+, Yb3+ nanocrystals under IR (980 nm) excitation and observed that the emission colour is green for the sample synthesized by the SG route whereas all other samples predominantly emit in the red due to efficient energy transfer from Yb3+ to emitter Ho3+ in the GdPO4 host. The upconversion was found to be a two photon process in GdPO4:Ho3+, Yb3+ nanocrystals and synthesis route dependent emission tunability suggests different intra level phonon relaxation routes.

Item Type: Article
Subjects: Chemistry
Depositing User: Dr. Rajpal Walke
Date Deposited: 22 Sep 2015 11:13
Last Modified: 22 Sep 2015 11:13
URI: http://npl.csircentral.net/id/eprint/1258

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