Puri, Nidhi and Niazi, Asad and Biradar, Ashok M. and Mulchandani, Ashok and Rajesh, - (2014) Conducting polymer functionalized single-walled carbon nanotube based chemiresistive biosensor for the detection of human cardiac myoglobin. Applied Physics Letters, 105 (15). ISSN 0003-6951

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We report the fabrication of a single-walled carbon nanotube (SWNT) based ultrasensitive label-free chemiresistive biosensor for the detection of human cardiac biomarker, myoglobin (Ag-cMb). Poly(pyrrole-co-pyrrolepropylic acid) with pendant carboxyl groups was electrochemically deposited on electrophoretically aligned SWNT channel, as a conducting linker, for biomolecular immobilization of highly specific cardiac myoglobin antibody. The device was characterized by scanning electron microscopy, source-drain current-voltage (I-V), and charge-transfer characteristic studies. The device exhibited a linear response with a change in conductance in SWNT channel towards the target, Ag-cMb, over the concentration range of 1.0 to 1000 ng ml(-1) with a sensitivity of similar to 118% per decade with high specificity.

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Subjects: Physics
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Date Deposited: 17 Sep 2015 11:10
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