Bahadur, Harish and Srivastava, A. K. and -, Rashmi and Chandra, Sudhir (2008) NANOSTRUCTURES IN THIN FILMS OF ZnO. supplemental proceedings: Volume I: materials processing and properties. pp. 485-490.

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Structure property co-relationship of thin films of ZnO grown by sol-gel spin process using zinc acetate and RF magnetron sputtering method has been studied. The films were crystalline in nature. The crystallite size for the film grown by sol-gel spin method was found to be of the order of 20 nm and that of RF sputtered film was about 30 nm in the c-axis direction of the growth. TEM exhibited that the film with uniform microstructure consisted of distribution of nanosized grains of the order of 25 nm. Selected area electron diffraction patterns have shown the presence of different rings corresponding to different planes of hexagonal ZnO crystal structure. The RF sputtered films have shown the formation of nanorods of ZnO which were found to have uniform distribution of crystallites of the size ~10 nm.The results would find application in nanoelectronic piezoelectric sensors.

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